Preferred Tissue Services


Our Service

Virtually every human bone, joint and extremity is utilized in medical research. Heroes choose to donate their bodies to science to support the continuing search for cures and remedies to every day medical challenges and diseases. Parametrics Medical is proud to partner with key procurement and processing organizations to link tissue donors with the research and education community.

Our services reach into the medical education community to offer access to what you need when you need it for our surgeon and allied health partners. Let Parametrics Medical make your specimen acquisition process seamless and effortless. We do the work for you through the following services:

Providing one point of contact
Knowing what questions to ask
Completing all paperwork appropriately
Consulting on disposal services
Ensuring timely delivery that fits your schedule
Making sure all specifications are met

Our partnerships with multiple tissue banks allows us to have greater access to the specimen you need. They all offer serological testing for infectious diseases via CLIA-certified labs on all donors prior to tissue distribution. Standard screenings include the following:

Hepatitis B and C
Specimen Offerings
Specimens available through Parametrics Medical include, but are not limited to the following:
All are available in varying combinations
Custom requests please call with specific needs not listed
All cadaveric specimens are received by the processor within 6 to 48 hours post mortem. Our focus is to provide for physicians, researchers and scientists in academic, pharmaceutical, government and Biotech Institutions.


Safe and Effective

Safety and efficacy are the paramount concerns when choosing to use an allograft. Safety refers to a tissue bank’s ability to provide a graft free of disease and infection-causing bio burdens. Efficacy refers to a tissue bank’s ability to provide a graft that retains the biological nature to withstand revascularization and incorporation without incidents of failure or fatigue. Parametrics Medical’s Preferred Tissue Services ensures that your grafts arrive from FDA registered and AATB accredited tissue banks with the following testing parameters:

Testing Guidelines

AIDS – HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1 NAT
HB core / HBsAg – Designed to detect Hepatitis B Virus infection
RPR – Designed to detect Syphilis
HCV-Ab / HCV-NAT – Designed to detect Hepatitis C Virus
Our Service To You

We pledge to treat every order as if it was donated to or by one of our own family members. Our customer service team has been well trained in understanding the rigors of the OR and the complexity of the surgical procedures. Our sales representatives know that 100% satisfaction is the only acceptable result. We pledge to never stop short of your expectations.

Testing & Safety

Parametrics Medicals Preferred Tissue Services focuses on achieving 100% tissue availability spanning across all tissue types and requirements.  All of our tissue partners are considered to be the top processors in the allograft industry.  Every tissue processing and procurement company is governed by and follows the guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many other state health department regulations.  We require that all partners perform tissue recovery in accordance with AATB standards using aseptic technique.  The following is a list of tests required by the FDA and AATB and performed on all tissue:

  • AIDS – HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1 NAT
  • HB core / HBsAg – Designed to detect Hepatitis B Virus infection
  • RPR – Designed to detect Syphilis
  • HCV-Ab / HCV-NAT – Designed to detect Hepatitis C Virus

Both the FDA and the AATB have strict mandates for quality assurance procedures.  Our Tissue Banks are in compliance with all standards for tissue banking and federal regulations promulgated by the FDA under Title 21 CFR 1271.  Our Tissue Banks donor-screening, recovery, testing, processing, packaging, distribution and tracking systems guarantee allografts are among the safest and highest quality available.

Allograft safety and efficacy are the two most important factors when choosing an allograft provider.  We will ensure delivery of allografts processed with or without radiation.  All radiation levels will be less than 2.8 megarads maximum exposure.  We are a clinically-minded organization and will make every effort to ensure you get the perfect graft, every time.  We treat every order as a custom request.  We will work hard to provide your exact graft specifications to include age, gender, process and dimensions.