CellTrans Autologous Blood Transfusion System

catimg4CellTrans is a totally closed, postoperative system for orthopedic autotransfusion that allows the surgeon to easily and cost effectively collect and subsequently infuse patients with their own blood. The patient’s whole blood is immediately available without waiting for typing, crossmatching, or testing. Autotransfusion reduces complications associated with homologous transfusions, such as disease transmission, transfusion reactions and autoimmunization.

Features & Benefits 

  • Complete Set
    All components in a transit bag providing everything required for an Autologous Blood Transfusion and prevents loss of components during transfer to ward.
  • Continuous Low Vacuum
    In accordance with aaBB guidelines this system operates below 100mmHg and provides a vacuum during its operation. Reduces the need for constant monitoring and reduces the risk of hematoma and hemolysis.
  • Easy to Use
    Product is easy and simple to use.
  • Wound Drainage
    Once both transfusion bags have been used, the device may be used as a conventional low vacuum wound drainage device.
  • Closed System
    Reduces the risk of patient infection from airborne bacteria
  • Latex Free
    Prevents any potential latex allergy.
  • Non-Pyrogenic
    Monitored for bacterial endotoxin levels by the LAL Test.
  • Cost Effective
    Can provide up to 1200ml of blood per patient.
  • Training
    Tailored to meet the needs of customers
  • Fat Filter
    Reduces Leucocytes, Fat Globules, C3a and Micro aggregates

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